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A pro bono programme for nonprofits to design, test and build new digital service ideas using developers in London and Gaza

Build an app that helps you do what you do, but better.

Our developers will work closely with you to identify your needs, then build an app that meets them. The only thing it will cost is your time.

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Start with an introductory discovery workshop with us to discuss your needs and prepare a small user research exercise, then return a couple of weeks later for a definition workshop to decide on the area we are going to focus on for the app build.


Our developers will spend one week designing your app followed by two weeks building a mobile web application that you can test with users.

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Your questions answered

How will this programme benefit me?

You will gain experience working with a software development team, you will see your ideas take shape in digital form, and you will get a working mobile web app that you can test with users.

What is the total time commitment required of me?

After the initial workshops, around 20 hours over the one-month product development period, testing the app, giving feedback and meeting with the developers.

What is a web app?

A web app is a website that looks and feels like a mobile app. This means that users won’t have to download anything from an app store. Web apps can be accessed by anyone using a web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What sorts of apps do you build?

Take a look at our portfolio below for a selection of our past projects.

How many places are available on this programme?

We have 20 places on the introductory workshops and 10 app development places secured for this year. We are currently identifying other potential sources of funding to increase our capacity in 2019.

How do you decide which organisations you’ll work with?

We are open to working with any organisation that aims to make positive social change and with committed individuals who are serious about using digital technology for social impact.

What if I want to continue development after the programme ends?

We are in the process of identifying potential sources to fund further development of projects.

Why are you running this programme?

This programme provides an opportunity for our developers in both London and Gaza to gain experience, improve their employability, and work on projects that make a real difference to people’s lives.

How do I apply?

Please complete and submit the application form:

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About us

Founders & Coders CIC is a UK-based nonprofit that develops and runs tuition-free training programmes in web app development, guided by our core values of cooperation, inclusion and social impact.

Our London programme, established in 2014, is largely funded by the employers who hire our graduates. In 2017, we established campuses in Nazareth and in Gaza.

Youth unemployment in Gaza is among the highest in the world and the Tech for Better programme provides a rare opportunity for our developers there to gain experience working on real projects with overseas clients.


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Little Window
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Breathe with Me
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Courtauld Institute of Art
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All About Me
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screenshot of echo app showing the user input for creating a memory

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